AMAN - At a Glance

Association for Muslim Advancement Network(AMAN) is one of the leading, non-government, non-profit, non-political, social development organization in Bangladesh working for poverty alleviation for the poor communities irrespective of race, creed, caste, religion, ethnicity and nationality. It is a humanitarian organization established with like minded young people of the same area in 1991. The young people started their work with flood victims, provide their service like relief and rehabilitation, people suffering from cold provided support with the warm clothes, the patient are being provided the support by these sorts of dedicated people. At this moment the organizers realized themselves if they would like to assist the greater sector of people, definitely they need to be a registered organization that means they need government approval trough registration. In 1995 AMAN made the registration from NGO Affairs Bureau under the Ministry of Honorable Prime Minister, the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh and its registration number is 980.

AMAN is the outcome of the most sincere efforts for its target group people of Sherpur, Kishoreganj, Rangpur, Bogra, Gopalganj, Jessore, Manikgnaj, Gazipur, Noakhali, Feni, Luxmipur, Comilla, Dhaka and Cox’s Bazaar districts. Having born in a fine morning of1995, the organization has been able to put a positive impact in the mind of its target people by its on-going activities. The activities of the organization have transformed the lives of mass people of the respective area significantly.

The organization’s success in this regard, owes its vision of alternative development strategy while in significant ways, stands apart from the mainstream official development paradigm in top-down, overly centralized, male dominated and measured largely in terms of monolithic economic growth. It's alternative development, is particularly built upon effective participation of the poor, poor children in development, gender equality, social justice, productive and sustainable natural resource management and the protection and enhancement of environmental quality. The proposed organization's primary concern is to ensure an equitable distribution of the development benefits among the poor and women community who have always work hard but have always been side-line onlookers of the mainstream development drama. It endeavors to bring the people, the real actors in development now hedged out on the margin to the center.

The organization is working on several projects to support the deserving people in all over the country. It has been working in Bangladesh with the commitment of “serving humanity”. By responding quickly to emergencies, AMAN provides relief to the victims of natural disasters, war, and famine, providing shelter and rescuing victims. The organization also deploys long-term development projects on education, life-skill trround 3 million people since its inceptions of this country.


Head office:

116, Monipuripara 2nd floor, Tejgoan, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.

Contact person: Dr.Md. Abu yousuf, Secretary General, AMAN

Cell Phone: 01799-995544, 01711-486534

Web site:

Regional office:

Ukhiar Ghat (Telipara)

Post office: Balukhali

Upazila: Ukhia, District: Cox’s Bazaar.

Contact person: Md. Nasir Uddin, Regional Coordinator


Cell Phone:01815-442472



    List of the Executive Committee of AMAN: 

Dr. Lokiat Ullah Chairman MBBS
Prof. Dr.Abdul Wahab Minar Vice-Chairman MBBS
Md. Abu Yousuf Secretary General Ph.D
Ziaul Hoq Mizan Treasurer BSS (Hon’s), MSS
Sharmin Parvin Executive Member Diploma In Law
Nurun Nahar Begum Executive Member MA
M. Weis Khan Nur Executive Member MA


AMAN is implementing the following projects at different parts of the country:

1. Training: Skill development training for income and employment generation for deserving people

2. Non-formal and In-formal education: For the street children of Dhaka City and Rohingha children at Cox’s Bazaar.

3. Relief and medicine distribution with the flood affected people: AMAN distributed Food and medicines among flood affected people       of Kishoreganj district, Islampur Upazila under jamalpur district and Slums people of Agargaon and Mohammadpur.

4. Orphan care program: The organization use to provide 220 orphans a monthly stipend for their food, clothes and education.

5. Qurbani program: The organization use to perform Qurbanni at different parts of Bangladesh and also among the slum dwellers of              Dahka City.

6. Ramadan food and Ifter program: The organization also distributed Ramadan food and Ifter(Fast food) among the poor Muslims at different parts of the country and among the slum dwellers at Dhaka City.

7. AKIKA program: AMAN organized AKIKA program in every year in different part of the country.

8. Karde Hassana programs is being implemented by AMAN from its inception. In the mean time 7500 people became self-reliant through        AMAN’s Kurde Hasana program.

    Activities with the Rohingha Refugee Muslim at Cox’s Bazaar district:

  1. Food distribution among 2500 Rohingha Refugee families
  2. Warm clothes distribution among 500 Rohingha families
  3. Non food item distribution among 11500 families
  4. AMAN installed 408 shallow tube-wells and 10 Deep tube-wells, 100 Water-sealed latrines  for save water and save sanitation at Refugee camp. And also planning to install more 50 Deep Tube-Wells for safe drinking water for the Rohingha community people in the said Camp.
  5. 50 Shower making for taking bath especially for the women
  6. 05 In-formal education center for the children
  7. Psycho-Social treatment with 127 women with trauma
  8. Construction of 130 Shelter Home and planning to construct more 900 Shelter Home for the widows, their children vulnerable Rohingha people at Rohingha Refugee camp.
  9. Ramandan food distribution among 250 families(2017) and planning to arrange Ramadan food and Ifter for 1000 families at the Rohingha Refugees in 2018’s Ramadan.
  10. Meat of Qurbani distributed among 1800 families(2017) and also planning for meat distribution in 2018’s Qurbani.

Future focusing towards the Rohingha Refugees with the assistance of AMAN:

  • Now AMAN is trying to provide support for Rohingha Refugees with In-formal education and life-skill education for their income and employment generation activities to be self-reliant.
  • More Shelter Home will be constructed to provide shelter of the widows and their children and enhancing all the support focusing on the Shelter Home and its inhabitants.
  • Providing Health Care for all and Psycho-Social support for the traumatic people among the Refugees
  • Providing improved cook stoves for fuel savings and create environment friendly atmosphere
  • Tree plantation within the Refugee Camp
  • Bamboo plantation within the Refugee Camp.
  • Making steps to raise the top of the hill at Rohingha Refugee Camp.